Is Ageism Really Ingrained / What is Corp. HR up to?

A great friend asked me: “David do you think what we perceive as ageism is really ingrained in our society, or that perhaps we just refuse to put up with the sort of corporate HR bs foisted upon job seekers today?” Great question. What do you think? MIT Research on Ageism in Technology Review Mag. […]

AI In Government – Big Savings?

“Within the next 5-7 years, as many as 1.1 billion working hours could be freed up (within) the federal government every year, saving a whopping $37 billion annually. Ultimately, AI could potentially free up 30 percent of federal employees’ time. State government savings in time and money could be similar percentages.

Virtual Reality. Virtual Ethics.

Will AI’s capable of life and death action, have any sense of reality other than a virtual one? Virtual Ethics:  A thought provoking piece in Aeon online.. “Murder in virtual reality should be illegal”  Author Angela Buckingham is a writer living in Berlin. She writes about power, moral choice, self-deception, bravery and cowardice…