InterWest IT doesn’t (normally!) engage serving local network  issues.

IWIT Works on your tech in the "Cloud" not on the ground.
IWIT Works on your tech in the “Cloud” not on the ground.

If you have problems with computing or network that are related to the equipment software or hardware in your office or home — we encourage you to contact a local Engineer.

Examples you can get help with include:

  • SPAM / Browser Popups.
  • Anti-virus / Malware protection & fixes
  • Backups / restore
  • LAN / WAN / WiFi
  • Help with MagicJack

In Coos Bay / North Bend, OR

Dell Barrett
I Compute

Monte Reynolds

If you’re near Portland please visit this site to find a resource:

Portland Technology Wizards Group

If you’re near Bandon:

Glenn Hamilton
Fair and Square PC Repair

Jeff Weymouth
Bandon Techsupport


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