Multi-dimensional strategic integration.


Total Costs of ownership: Acquisition, Implementation, Operation, Disposal.

A technology lifecycle perspective is essential. We often find that only the costs of acquisition were budgeted. Clients discover that annual operations and maintenance quickly supercede purchase prices. Sometimes these costs are so great, they are postponed resulting in dangerous risk and unavoidable unanticipated greater future expenses. End of lifecycle disposal is rarely treated until the problem of retiring hardware, software and old data is encountered. For instance, grooming old mail lists can be very tedious and expensive if outsourced. Mailing clients multiple times isn’t acceptable. With hardware, there are environmental concerns for modern, thinking organizations.


How IT and Telecommunication services ‘fit’.

Most businesses have endured periods when technology was either a pain to use, or had stopped working altogether. Outages can define how much gets done in a day. In many cases we discover that how management understands and relates to their tech operation is below par. Confidence is required to efficiently benefit.


Return on investment is but the first measure.

Nearly every business must have a web presence today. The question is: What business advantages does tech investment provide. Efficiency, responsiveness, history and prediction relative to client interaction is essential. Which parameters does your business track? How often are these measured? What actions are planned depending on those results?


Payments are but one dimension of security concerns,

In the era of hybrid work, telecommuters, particularly exert a new kind of strain on security best practices. If distance work isn’t an issue for your business, how do you handle masking mobile telephone numbers? Remote access to company info, what are your policies?

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