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Top Tier Web Management – Agency Minimums Commonly Exceed $25k/yr.

SMB’s typically spend 100 times less per year than their Medium or Large business competition. How does this affect Small Business in the Digital Marketplace? What are they missing?

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Deal A Story Cards … Product marketing Campaign set to launch.

We’re celebrating an important milestone with Since August the work began with surveying and assessing various assets.  One of the first tangible products of the process was a branded…

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Adwords. When & How.

I always appreciate when my clients or others — take time to build pages in their websites that describe services, offers and products. For the rare (sometimes exceedingly rare) diligent…

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Facebook Paid Advertising, worth the expense?

Is Facebook Paid Advertising worth the expense?  Not unless you closely manage the details. Un-managed Facebook advertising — or using the default settings result in quick growth in “likes.”  In…

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Web Presence “Must Have” Features for 2014

To generalize comments made by a favorite associate at  That subject matter  is focused on Real Estate.  Working back from this distillation one can view the underlying principles. Must…

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Back of the napkin sketch – Ecology of services within a Web Presence

For the fun of it.  Try to follow this.  No, we weren’t drinking… no kidding!

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