AI Tech Spending Forcast: Exploding 60% yr/yr through 2020 – IDC

Business that have a wealth of unstructured data, a desire to harness insights from this information, and an openness to innovative technologies – will be early AI/Cognitive adopters and experience huge benefits.

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Sponsored Hacks – AI Cyber Battle Engagements Next

Tangible example of where AI’s will be adopted into the Security Industry: Two former FBI agents, employed by Travelers Insurance Investigative Services, hack into a typical business website and download sensitive data in a matter of minutes. AI’s will be orders of magnitude more efficient.

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AI – Dimensions of Change

Artificial Intelligence: “The possibilities are endless and will no doubt change the ways in which we will live our lives in the future.” – Vicky Matthews, Content Dir. US/EU CAO Forum.

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The “Next Inflection” Continued: Security Industry’s Deep Pockets for A.I.

Headline at Next Big Future: Private police and security outnumber public police by five times and private security industry is $35 billion per year. To extend the inflection metaphor —…

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Future: Net Lost Jobs to AI

If the paradigm repeats itself like it has in the past: Cars replace Horses, Robots replace Humans on the Assembly Line. Emerging AI tech will also affect the economy. Think of it this way: “AI’s will replace Minds.”

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What does “learning” look like in 20 years?

Some time ago I realized that a generation now exists that may never use a desktop computer. Their experience of tech will only be in mobile appliances.

I now realize that a generation will soon exist (if they’re not already out there) that may never experience a classroom.

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