Why Post By Email?

I’d break it down this way — an Idea worth posting, is worth posting NOW. I use the phone to bag those little conceptual trophies. Needs a well thought out Title, that’s the only critical part. — Because I automatically echo posts to my other SM channels. So the Title needs to be okay there […]

Basic advice: Concrete Posts

I’ve been trying to imagine how to help clients remanufacture their view of Web Content.  Put simply it’s “Engagement”, baby. Posts that don’t document something important, or produce some form of “other” engagement — meaning interaction — are not valuable to the community. Why?  Because content that does not generally answer a question is advertising. […]

Anatomy of a Web Presence Migration

There is no managed process to migrate a Website from Google Sites to WordPress.com.  It’s really a shoveling process – copy and pasting content.  The client engaged us to advance the capability of their web presence to support community building. What’s important to exercise in the process is an intelligent reorganization of the subject matter. […]