eBay password change? Now’s a good time.

Change your password.  If you have an account, that is. Here is a link to a walk-you-through the strokes to get it done: BEFORE start any changes … Be sure to review all of your settings, especially your mobile telephone number. I prefer receiving the secondary authentication by text, so if the number was wrong? […]

PassWord Security

It’s no longer okay to share security credentials by email. There, you have it.  A line in the sand. Even if you go the extra distance: to send the UserID in one message and the Password in another, nope. Here is a tool I recommend:  www.PassPack.com Some excellent ingredients here… Very secure Available to you […]

Change Drives Solutions — Crowd Sourcing Matures

Entirely worth viewing … It’s interesting to observe that even the mechanics of business development are being inverted.  The old way — Idea, design, sell, change, sell, sell develop the market.  The new way (vis a vis KickStarter) is — Idea, feedback, design, redesign, test and launch to a market ready — in fact  waiting […]