Messaging growth portends big SM changes

Increasingly, it looks like the next big thing in social media won’t be a Facebook competitor, like Twitter or Snapchat, or even a high-profile Facebook acquisition, like Instagram or WhatsApp.

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Out with the old… 2015 Year of SM Integration

In much of the consulting we enjoyed with Small Businesses and other clients in 2014 the conversation revolved around developing an updated understanding of how internet marketing and essentially —…

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Content Intelligence — Does Search “Grade our Work”?

…deploying a new Web Presence inevitably involves reshaping the message. Most often to sharpen it’s focus. Why? To render an effective page on mobile appliances to start.

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Why operate an Anchor Website in your Web Presence?

Two issues: Vision and workflow. Until an Operator begins to recognize the greater ability of an Anchor Website site to support, aggregate and consistently “Brand” content of all kinds, they…

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Worth reviewing this weekend… News about creating free network access for users: News Article July 31, 2014 The position develops comes from the basic statistic: Only 1 out…

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Next AoWP Workshop Aug. 27th.

We’ll continue our exploration of various on-board capabilities within the CMS. Including: Site visibility, sharing and other basic content controls User types and the “Publishing” workflow DNS and EMail…

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Adwords. When & How.

I always appreciate when my clients or others — take time to build pages in their websites that describe services, offers and products. For the rare (sometimes exceedingly rare) diligent…

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Viral Stats Counter-intuitive

An article published in the Huffington Post is worth viewing.  We found some of the research results contrary to assumptions.  And so we’re re-evaluating … Having used the BuzzSumo tool…

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Anatomy of a Web Presence Migration

There is no managed process to migrate a Website from Google Sites to  It’s really a shoveling process – copy and pasting content.  The client engaged us to advance…

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