Emerging Social Media Management Best Practices

Enjoyed viewing this Job Description posted online for a top media channel  illuminates an important trend… Notice particularly — the list of audience demographics… You might also be surprised at the cross-fluency requirements — and the absence of any mention of a particular technology base — apart from their own platform. In the first 20 years […]

Hosting — basic versions of a single truth

Had a recent conversation revolving around “Hosting’ … which designs are appropriate?  Since requirements should drive such decisions it’s important to list them.  But which ones are critical and actually need to influence the “Spend?” Unfortunately opinions are sometimes issued as if they were facts.  An important thing to distinguish is what’s convenient / profitable […]

Disruptive Adaptation = Winner

In an email shared with me today, I read how a company that hadn’t done anything with their website since 2004 was congratulating itself over it’s decision to invest big dollars in a “Forklift” replacement. My sense of the situation is that they expect to incur these expenses,  write them off over perhaps years and […]