Caving in to G+ and having fun doing “IT”

Most, perhaps the vast majority of the independent talent out there is mining Google Plus in one way or another. The value of an account is essentially limitless. Google + turns cross-functional and cross-cultural teams of hand-picked best-of-breed resources into finely tuned engines of commerce.


Best $5 monthly fee we pay – just got better!

Our solutions design process builds on free services. If needed we look at paying fees, we always aim for minimal expense. So,we’ve had a policy — begin with Google Hosted services. If for some reason clients can identify a legitimate reason the enterprise tools can’t work, or be extended… we’ll start looking at self-hosted or other […]

Encryption — Email is next

Reading through my feeds, I see recent posts from various sources that Google, Facebook and others are beginning to realize that: Server to Server encryption of Email messages is never going to be secure. TLS (Transport Layer Security) – a minimal implementation that allows servers to converse and exchange messages more securely — is not adopted […]

Anatomy of a Web Presence — Presentation

Giving a talk in Bandon at the public Library June 25th. Schedule and venue details at “Anatomy of a Web Presence. “ Abstract: A high-level discussion of how services like Email, Websites, Social Media, “Cloud Computing” and our appliances – phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers – relate to the ecology that we know […]

Why Post By Email?

I’d break it down this way — an Idea worth posting, is worth posting NOW. I use the phone to bag those little conceptual trophies. Needs a well thought out Title, that’s the only critical part. — Because I automatically echo posts to my other SM channels. So the Title needs to be okay there […]