Out with the old… 2015 Year of SM Integration

In much of the consulting we enjoyed with Small Businesses and other clients in 2014 the conversation revolved around developing an updated understanding of how internet marketing and essentially — communication — works nowadays. Gone, long gone is the age of Email and the Static Website.  These have their place, however, but only as anchoring […]

Value-Based Compensation

Postponing compensation as results are generated.  Is this the infamous “Test drive” or “Try before you buy?”  Perhaps. I’ve been observing a process (organization to remain unnamed) at an affiliation of experts “starting up” their brand.   The question of compensation models emerged, and has taken a rather long time to craft into a page […]

3 Steps to Being Engaging

Three very focused concrete suggestions.  Some related guidelines. 1.) Research sites and pages that feature content of interest to the network you want to build.  It could “Cat blogging” … or a very serious consulting niche. 2.) Mine the posts at those websites, on Facebook, Twitter, G+.  Find others that have posted that share your sentiments, […]

Disruptive Adaptation = Winner

In an email shared with me today, I read how a company that hadn’t done anything with their website since 2004 was congratulating itself over it’s decision to invest big dollars in a “Forklift” replacement. My sense of the situation is that they expect to incur these expenses,  write them off over perhaps years and […]

Portland Consulting Group — Engages Their Network

InterWest has been blessed to assist the Portland Consulting Group colonize their new web presence. Their business plan perfectly amplifies the purpose of new media — Engagement. With these new tools they obtain a core set of tools enabling interaction with their communities, other practitioners and with potential clients.  Their new Web Presence establishes them, […]

Churn to rule among Social Media Channels

An article at Vocativ discussing an 80% drop in subscriber base . Elsewhere in this blog I’ve discussed how Social media has a half-life process where value to business increases based on participation and quality of content.  At some point there is a peak and then relevance to marketing declines. This I believe to be […]