3 Steps to Being Engaging

Three very focused concrete suggestions.  Some related guidelines. 1.) Research sites and pages that feature content of interest to the network you want to build.  It could “Cat blogging” … or a very serious consulting niche. 2.) Mine the posts at those websites, on Facebook, Twitter, G+.  Find others that have posted that share your sentiments, […]

Anatomy of a Web Presence Migration

There is no managed process to migrate a Website from Google Sites to WordPress.com.  It’s really a shoveling process – copy and pasting content.  The client engaged us to advance the capability of their web presence to support community building. What’s important to exercise in the process is an intelligent reorganization of the subject matter. […]

Out with the old, and in with the new…

The old blog, passed over the horizon into blog whereverland … gosh more than a year ago.  But you know, not being able to get that FirstnameLastname address back, isn’t that big of a deal. So, since having last been in here, lots has changed.  Comparing this to the site tools I habitually frequent at […]