Adwords. When & How.

I always appreciate when my clients or others — take time to build pages in their websites that describe services, offers and products. For the rare (sometimes exceedingly rare) diligent…

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Encryption — Email is next

Reading through my feeds, I see recent posts from various sources that Google, Facebook and others are beginning to realize that: Server to Server encryption of Email messages is never going…

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Who’s kool-aid are you drinking? Follow the leaders.

Trust.  It’s a huge issue.  I posted earlier in this site about an emerging sense that new forms of ID are going to be needed.  I’m writing again to encourage…

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Defining moment — Facebook fights junk

A post in the Wall Street Journal illustrates a somewhat defining moment … that successful internet “channels” will groom their client accounts for quality. Google is famous for engineering search…

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DFM Consulting Launches SoA Web Presence

Congratulations to Deb Maher on the launch of her “State of the Art” Web Presence.  DFM Consulting Inc. Responsive Web Site:  mobile compatible across platforms Integrates her offerings and contact…

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Google Hummingbird, Penguin Algorithims – Thumbnails

“Penguin” A new version, 2.0 out early this year was mainly about deflecting the impact of link aggregators and those who lift page rank by purchasing links, exchagning them with…

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Back of the napkin sketch – Ecology of services within a Web Presence

For the fun of it.  Try to follow this.  No, we weren’t drinking… no kidding!

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Google Penguin Algorithm – New SEO compliance made easy #1

A question I’m answering everyday:  How do I change what I’ve been doing to get Google’s new Search Algorithm to appreciate my site. Here is the shortest answer I know…

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Mobile Tipping Point in 2014 – Phones and Tables rule!

More people connecting to the internet than ever before, but not with desktops and laptops !

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New google service needs adopters to get traction and make it to launch

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