Techno Truancy… Emerging patterns

Among “Tech refugees” (at least in my circle) the discussion is more frequent – How to unplug? Concerns range from getting away to go Bone Fishing on Andros Island to the more permanent. Hanging up one’s cleats brings an unforeseen concern of it’s own. Such as: How does one supervise and influence one’s digital legacy. […]

Bricks and Mortar to Clicks and Notoriety

How will Baby Boomer “Consulting” businesses create generationally sustainable value in the age of Social Media?  How do consultants prepare to sell their businesses? A brief analogy — then some thoughts… A number of circles in the early 2000’s collaborated to adapt corporate IT best practices for SMB’s. (Small, Medium Business.) We realized that policy and […]

Having suffered the vagaries of disturbing whatever DNS item it was — we’ve complied in this website with the WordPress best practice of letting them host the DNS Records.   Enom was working fine and the page playing through w Frame Forwarder, but WordPress doesnt’ like to let out the “A-Name” Ip address for use […]