Website Hacking — Strong case for Shared Managed Hosting

“Get faster, get shared. Get secure, get managed.”

Web Hosting best practices for Sole Prop’s and Managers who “wear all the hats.”


Having suffered the vagaries of disturbing whatever DNS item it was — we’ve complied in this website with the WordPress best practice of letting them host the DNS Records.   Enom was working fine and the page playing through w Frame Forwarder, but WordPress doesnt’ like to let out the “A-Name” Ip address for use […]

Tweaking DNS for

Well, something happenend!  The hosting account had DNS and whack, page loads are failing.  Something to do with An A-Record not being given the correct IP address to enable WordPress hosting.  But WordPress doesn’t care, it wants to host DNS.  So … It’s all in here: WP Forums Post