Mobile: Connecting Shoppers to Local Stores

Article worth a look: New Research Shows How Digital Connects Shoppers to Local Stores “The retail industry is undergoing a dramatic shift: In-store foot traffic is down, online research is up and smartphones are becoming increasingly important to the consumer’s in-store shopping journey.” – Redoubling Efforts

Worth reviewing this weekend… News about creating free network access for users: News Article July 31, 2014 The position develops comes from the basic statistic: Only 1 out of every 3 people can go online. Why aren’t more people connected? Devices are too expensive. Service plans are too expensive. There’s no mobile network […]

Adwords. When & How.

I always appreciate when my clients or others — take time to build pages in their websites that describe services, offers and products. For the rare (sometimes exceedingly rare) diligent site visitor,  the effort conveys quite a bit of information about you and your business. So we appreciate the effort it took to generate all […]

Wireless … and all those future internet users

I posted the other day that more than 4B people around the world don’t have internet access — we’ve been watching as big internet companies explore delivery as well as appliances to connect to those services. This is a glimpse of how seriously the windup is being treated: A consortium of big companies working […]

How important is Mobile?

Motorola, famous maker of phones and tablet computers and computing hardware in general, was recently acquired by Google.  Recent comments by the Motorola CEO illuminate a shift in strategy. If you haven’t been paying attention, now might be a time to start. In 2013, Motorola more or less pulled the plug on making tablet computers. […]