The “Next Inflection” Continued: Security Industry’s Deep Pockets for A.I.

Headline at Next Big Future: Private police and security outnumber public police by five times and private security industry is $35 billion per year. To extend the inflection metaphor — e.g. anticipating the kinds of jobs that won’t exist in the future? Artificial Intelligence entities will operate in the physical security space (patrols, monitoring and […]

Encryption — Email is next

Reading through my feeds, I see recent posts from various sources that Google, Facebook and others are beginning to realize that: Server to Server encryption of Email messages is never going to be secure. TLS (Transport Layer Security) – a minimal implementation that allows servers to converse and exchange messages more securely — is not adopted […]

PassWord Security

It’s no longer okay to share security credentials by email. There, you have it.  A line in the sand. Even if you go the extra distance: to send the UserID in one message and the Password in another, nope. Here is a tool I recommend: Some excellent ingredients here… Very secure Available to you […]

MS to patch IE for Windows XP.

Another courtesy posts for followers … I appreciate your preference in hearing from me.  I’ll do my best to cut through the fog. Just yesterday this popular online source said Microsoft Would not be patching IE for XP. Then later in the morning yesterday, Microsoft announced on it’s Technet Blog it would — in fact — […]

XP and Explorer — New Security Flaws

I’m asked time and again what owners can expect for continuing use of Windows XP.  My advice is mixed.  But on one point I think we’ve finally crossed the boarder of permissible use. Over the weekend news emerged that the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser has a newly “Discovered” security flaw across several versions — I […]