Shared Post Anatomy of a Web Presence — Presentation

This is a soft launch – pushing a series of interesting ideas forward to a circle of thinking acquaintances. First, IWIT has opened a dialogue with CyberlynxOregon — and has volunteered to present some high-level thoughts (abstract below) at a small meeting in late 2Q. But it’s what’s happening in parallel that’s really interesting and […]

Search Enhanced by Social Media – Especially G+

No surprise. We all know Google is driving it’s products to evolve so that search results are more and more confined to content that we actually want to see. Getting rid of the “noise” and clutter is critical to the relevance of their product and advertising models.  Read $. This article at Social Strategies blog […]

How important is Mobile?

Motorola, famous maker of phones and tablet computers and computing hardware in general, was recently acquired by Google.  Recent comments by the Motorola CEO illuminate a shift in strategy. If you haven’t been paying attention, now might be a time to start. In 2013, Motorola more or less pulled the plug on making tablet computers. […]

Do website upgrades work?

In answer to the most recent misguided theme I hear from clients:  Why upgrade my website, shouldn’t I abandon it and just live in Twitter and on Face book? Well, possibly … but engaging customers — assuming the context is within the realm of business — sort of REQUIRES a website.  Prospecting and landing new […]