Messaging growth portends big SM changes

Increasingly, it looks like the next big thing in social media won’t be a Facebook competitor, like Twitter or Snapchat, or even a high-profile Facebook acquisition, like Instagram or WhatsApp.


Anatomy of a Web Presence — Presentation

Giving a talk in Bandon at the public Library June 25th. Schedule and venue details at “Anatomy of a Web Presence. “ Abstract: A high-level discussion of how services like Email, Websites, Social Media, “Cloud Computing” and our appliances – phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop computers – relate to the ecology that we know […]

Bricks and Mortar to Clicks and Notoriety

How will Baby Boomer “Consulting” businesses create generationally sustainable value in the age of Social Media?  How do consultants prepare to sell their businesses? A brief analogy — then some thoughts… A number of circles in the early 2000’s collaborated to adapt corporate IT best practices for SMB’s. (Small, Medium Business.) We realized that policy and […]