Future: Net Lost Jobs to AI

If the paradigm repeats itself like it has in the past: Cars replace Horses, Robots replace Humans on the Assembly Line. Emerging AI tech will also affect the economy. Think of it this way: “AI’s will replace Minds.”


What does “learning” look like in 20 years?

Some time ago I realized that a generation now exists that may never use a desktop computer. Their experience of tech will only be in mobile appliances.

I now realize that a generation will soon exist (if they’re not already out there) that may never experience a classroom.

Sea-Edu.Org – New site

In process, FYI.Preview: seaedu.wordpress.com Migration to WordPress.com: Saves a few $, self-admin, Mobile Ready… Comments welcome. Expect the template and layouts to change several time. Bill, your efforts are marvelous.

CRM in Google Apps – Power Steering

For the past week or so, I’ve been exploring Prosperworks CRM. A Google App that embeds with Google Hosted Services and mobile appliances / smartphones. My experience so far has been kind of shocking – Prosperworks seems able to capture contact info and history without much effort on my part. I’ve begun to take seriously […]