Brief(!) Outline of NPO/NGO WebPresence Strategy…

If a WebPresence will run on a non-profit “status” and volunteer-powered basis – the equation changes. The model is driven by factors outside the economic realm, primarily – we have to consider those who come after us. Designing for successors is critical.

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Web Presence “Must Have” Features for 2014

To generalize comments made by a favorite associate at http://www.hoopjumper.com.  That subject matter  is focused on Real Estate.  Working back from this distillation one can view the underlying principles. Must…

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Tweaking DNS for InterWestIT.com

Well, something happenend!  The Enom.com hosting account had DNS and whack, page loads are failing.  Something to do with An A-Record not being given the correct IP address to enable…

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