Much ballyhooed across the web are thinkers promoting the Cloud. Others envision the Internet of Everything.   Meanwhile, most of us struggle with what Social Media means to our business.

It was this post (among a few others recently,) that started my thinking about the “Internet of Locations” … as being taxonomically distinct from the Internet of People (as in social media) and the Internet of Things. They are related though … I posted elsewhere in

 Mathematics of Intersection
Wikipedia’s illumination: Mathematics of Intersection

this blog about the Internet of People, Places and Things.  I’ve been asked to clarify some aspects…  that not just any combination of those variables satisfies the relationships…

Which relationships convey value?  I don’t yet know if I have this right…  In prose then: 

  • Place is the intersection of People and Things.   Definitely has value.  “Location, location, location” we’ve all heard it said.
  • But People are not defined by the intersection of Places and Things.  A place full of things has no value.
  • Nor are Things the intersection of People and Places.  People sometimes consume nothing — or if a place will have people at it, things might become valuable.

If you have thoughts, please share them.


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