I’ve been trying to imagine how to help clients remanufacture their view of Web Content.  Put simply it’s “Engagement”, baby.

Posts that don’t document something important, or produce some Anatomy of a Blog Postform of “other” engagement — meaning interaction — are not valuable to the community.

Why?  Because content that does not generally answer a question is advertising.  If it doesn’t provide a community service (like answer a question) it won’t provoke another question or someone to react. Posts should be helpful and contain actionable information.

We need to say concrete stuff that has value.

Posting content that is ADVERTISING in nature — will be demoted and down listed in newer Symantec Search Algorithms (Google Hummingbird for instance.) Because … well, it’s not suggesting something of interest.

Elsewhere in this blog its been suggested that you script some of your posts — you can spread them out in time (a couple per week?) and among your associates, but everyone should be “helpful” in the development of the “answers.”

Outline these “Areas of Interest”

  • The top 10 questions clients ask you most..
  • The top 10 questions you WISH your clients would ask

The posts should be short, a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs.  The Subject should be reflected in the body of the post.  An interesting photo or graphic (I produce these on paper sometimes and scan them in. Folks seem to respond to that “analog” thing…)

I’ll try to help later with categorization and tagging — but it will likely be developed in concert with your Products and Services offerings.


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