An article at Vocativ discussing an 80% drop in subscriber base .

Elsewhere in this blog I’ve discussed how Social media has a half-life process where value to business increases based on participation and quality of content.  At some point there is a peak and then relevance to marketing declines.

This I believe to be true across most Social Media channels — Facebook being the most convenient model.

What I also believe is that as businesses adopt and real best practices emerge governing customer interaction — there will be a renaissance of activity.  This forecast is based on nothing other than the expectation later generations will more fully and functionally understand how to use SM in the process of finding and selecting products and services.

Having a following of legitimate friends that are willing to support your business and recommend your services is invaluable — and will be more so in the future.  See for evidence.  What I’m projecting is that the function Angie performs will percolate into Social Media to a greater extent as time passes.


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